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J&K Profile

At J&K Scientific, we understand that chemistry is not simply about scientific principles, and business is not only about the exchange of goods and services. Chemistry is a tool for understanding and meeting human needs, and business is about building relationships and working together to improve our world. We are committed to delivering only the finest quality products, and to doing so in a way that allows us to contribute significantly to humanity, both today and in the years to come.

J&K Scientific, founded in 1992, has grown over the past two decades to become a world leader in the supply and manufacture of chemical products. Our ongoing dedication to research and development, combined with our proven history of scientific achievement and business performance, have earned us recognition as a "High Technology Enterprise" by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. Our products aid in drug discovery, environmental protection and myriad other endeavors that serve humanity. We are proud to offer chemicals, related consumables, labware, packaging, safe and efficient delivery, expert consultation and attentive customer service; we are committed to being your one-stop research and manufacturing platform.

We live in an era when great challenges face people and our planet. J&K Scientific is guided by our mission, "To Accelerate Scientific and Industrial Development, Thereby Serving Humanity" , as we strive to have a positive impact upon the world. Our chemicals are used by thousands of customers every day. They help to make the oceans cleaner, the air better to breathe and our food safer to eat. They help to conquer disease and to make life sustaining medicine. They help to develop sustainable energy sources and thousands of other products that make our lives easier, safer and more fulfilling.

We seek to honor the future and strive to improve the world for both our children and future generations. This vision guides our actions as we work with our customers to solve their chemical production needs.

Why choose J&K Scientific?

Our Products

  • We offer over 500,000 chemicals and related products
  • Significant warehouse inventory with immediate delivery of all in stock products
  • New substance classes and unique chemical building blocks are invented every day
  • High quality reliable products to increase your research and production efficiency

Our People

  • Exceptional scientific team eager to consult on cutting edge research and development
  • Enthusiastic idea sharing and collaboration on joint projects
  • Expert "Chemist to Chemist" consultation and technical support is provided for all product applications

Our Manufacturing

  • Unique and flexible high tech agile manufacturing process optimized to meet your specific needs
  • State-of-the-art production facilities for your custom product synthesis and packing requirements
  • We manufacture over 23,000 J&K brand chemicals in house using our extensive laboratory and production facilities

Our Services

  • Global supply chain with warehouses on three continents and local staff in dozens of countries
  • Quick, safe and reliable packaging and delivery of high quality products
  • Customer service approach based on commitment to long term relationship building
  • Competitive pricing

Thank you for considering J&K Scientific. We are committed to your business success as well as a positive future for humanity and our planet. Please let us know how we can serve you.