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User Agreement

Network Services Agreement

J&K Scientific Ltd. (the following abbreviated as J&K) provides network services in accordance with the terms in this Agreement and operating rules issued from time to time. In order to obtain network services, service Users (the following abbreviated as Users) must agree to all the terms in this Agreement and follow the prompts on the page to complete all the registration procedures.

J&K reminds Users should review the terms in this "Network Services Agreement" carefully, and then confirm to accept or not accept this Agreement. If you do not accept the terms in this Agreement, please click "not accept" and give up the signing of Agreement and network services providing by J&K. Once you click "I accept", it means your responsible acceptance of restrictions of the terms in this Agreement and the entire Agreement.

This Agreement is entered between J&K and Users for using J&K network services (the following abbreviated as "Services").This Agreement describes related usage license, rights and obligations about "Service" between J&K and Users. "Users" or "You" refer to the unit or unit authorized representatives who J&K provides network services to.

1. Legal Notices
"Legal Notices" posted on J&K website is an indispensable part of the Agreement. Users should read and agree the terms in the Legal Notices before the registration. Please be sure to read the details carefully. If you have objections to the Legal Notices, please click "not accept” to give up the signing of Network Order Agreement. Please do not use J&K network services again, which don’t prevent browsing, searching, etc.

2. Services Content
2.1 J&K specific content of network services is provided by J&K considering the actual situation. J&K reserves rights to change, interrupt or terminate some or all of the network services at any time.
2.2 J&K network services are mainly used for providing J&K related customers with the convenience of searching and ordering chemicals, which included J&K chemical brand, price, inventory and other information, as well as related inquiries, online ordering and other services.

3. Usage Rules
3.1 Users should provide accurate information to J&K when apply for J&K network services, such as any changes in the Users’ information which need be up to date. For incorrect, incomplete, or not timely updates Users’ information which causes Users’ loss, J&K doesn’t bear any responsibility. For incorrect, incomplete, or not timely updates Users’ information which causes J&K’s loss, J&K reserves the rights to recovery.
3.2 After Users registered successfully, J&K will give each user an account and corresponding password which are Users’ duties for custody. It is the Users that hold legally responsible for all the activities and events through the account. If abnormal, please do not hesitate to contact J&K’s team. For the Users caused leakage, loss of Users’ name and password and other non-J&K caused loss, J&K don’t bear any legal and economic responsibilities. For the Users caused leakage, loss of Users’ name and password which cause J&K’s loss or potential loss, Users should bear the corresponding legal and economic responsibilities.
3.3 After Users registered successfully, the account may be available for a new user registration,which has not been used for six consecutive months. By then all of its original information is deleted, J&K don’t bear any responsibility for the loss of the original Users’ data.
3.4 Users can choose to agree or not agree to accept J&K‘s business information sent by E-mail or other ways.
3.5 Users should comply with the following principles during using the network services:
  (a) Comply with the China relevant laws and regulations;
  (b) Shall not use the network services system for any illegal purpose;
  (c) Comply with network services agreements, regulations and procedures that relating to the network services;
  (d) Shall not use network services system for the activities which may cause adverse impact on the normal operation of Internet possibly;
  (e) Shall not use network system for posting or transmitting any harassment, slander, abuse, threatening, vulgar or obscene in any other unlawful information, which might produce adverse consequences. Shall not publish any information which contains racial, gender, religious discrimination and indecent sexual contents.
(f) Shall not use network services system for the behavior that make against J&K; do not interfere with or attack J&K network services;
  (g) Users agree that notice J&K immediately, if find any illegal use of users’ account or other security vulnerabilities.
3.6 J&K reserve the rights that determine the Users’ J&K website activities whether comply with terms in Network services Agreement and national network behavior requirements. If the user violates the provisions of the terms in Network services Agreement or national network behavior requirements, J&K may interrupt their accounts and services.

4. Privacy Protection
4.1 It is a basic policy of the network services that protection of Users’ privacy. J&K don’t provide Users’ registration information and storage of non-public content to the public or third parties without authorization during using the network services in arbitrarily. The following exceptions:
  (a) User's prior explicit authorization;
  (b) According to relevant laws and regulations;
  (c) In accordance with the requirements of relevant government departments;
  (d) To safeguard the public interest;
  (e) To safeguard legitimate rights and interests of J&K;
(f) The Users keep their own information safe improperly which causes the disclosure of non-public information.
(g) Due to the network lines, hacker attacks, computer viruses and other reasons which causes some information disclosure, lost, stolen or tampered, etc.
4.2 J&K and the third parties that have cooperation may provide Users with related services. In this case, if the third parties agree to undertake with the same protection of Users’ privacy, J&K will provide Users’ registration information to the third parties.
4.3 Under the premise that doesn’t disclose information of Users’ privacy, J&K have the right to analyze the entire user database and use it for commercial use.

5. Special instructions
This website provides the registered Users with network order services. Due to the complexity and particularity of network order chemicals service, Users should know the following detailed information:
5.1 Identity confirmation: According to the provisions of relevant state departments, Users should be aware of the relevant laws and regulations of ordering chemicals; special remind: Individual researchers have no right to order the chemicals for themselves. The ordering behavior of chemicals purchaser needs the belonging unit’s approval. Therefore, nobody can’t use the website service without obtaining the belonging unit’s authorization. If someone uses this website service and orders chemicals without authorization, the purchaser should take the relevant legal and economic responsibilities and compensations for J&K economic loss.
5.2 The information provided on this website, which has certain accuracy, validity and completeness, but due to high-volume data sources and subject to uncertainty, can not guarantee absolute accuracy, effectiveness and integrity. Therefore, the price, leading time and other information displayed on the website is for reference only, not for the official contract. J&K will send the purchaser official order confirmation about the agreements and ask you to confirm the official purchase order (contract) considered as criterion.

6. Ordering Instructions
6.1 Exact order: Before using the network order, Users should review the technical specifications of products carefully to make an order confirmation in advance. If there are unknown affairs, please contact J&K for confirmation immediately. Once the order is confirmed, J&K consider that Users confirm all the technical specifications of products. Product technical specifications and packaged forms meet the supplier’s standards, if there are special requirements, which need to be written instructions before ordering to make an exact contract.
6.2 Matching order: The Users who order a variety of reagents with the matching requirements need confirm with J&K in advance. The requirements will be specified in the J&K‘s contract: "lack of any kind that means the abolition of all the orders” in order to correctly operate, or confirm the delivery mode that get paid when receive the products.
6.3 Order Amendment: After the order is confirmed, there’s no order amendments in most cases, which needn’t confirm once again. If there occurs the following conditions, J&K will ask for Users’ opinions, which confirming once again or cancelling the order: A) out of stock temporarily, which need reproduction arrangement;B) The price of chemical raw material is floating or the exchange rate is more than 3%, which cause price changes; C) High risk level,the air transport is forbidden; D) Restricted chemicals, which need import and export licensing and so on. For the customerized chemicals order, if the purchasing of one basic raw material meet the serious difficulties, which causes J&K can’t produce, J&K has the rights to terminate the order and to notify the customer at the first time, who don’t take the responsibilities for the direct and indirect economic loss.
6.4 Order Cancel: In view of the specialty of chemicals’ production, shipment, storage and usage, Users can’t cancel the order unilaterally after the order is in effect. The cancel of the order needs the written approval from J&K. If the Users cancel the order unilaterally, the liquidated damage is 100% the amount of the contract. Unexpected situations: J&K European Warehouse has 30,000 varieties of chemical inventory, which can meet most customers’ requirements quickly. J&K professional chemicals transportation-used special vans and airplanes, which execute the whole transport monitor, make the shipment of different risk grade chemicals to China timely. If there are unexpected situations, such as: no shipping space, flights delay or cancellation, transshipment blocked and so on, which cause the shipment delay, Users should give full consideration to this accident when ordering ,in order to arrange the work possibly. If there are unexpected situations mentioned above, which cause the direct and indirect loss, J&K doesn’t take the responsibilities and Users can’t cancel the order.
6.5 Quality Responsibility: The quality of fine chemicals must meet the supplier’s specifications. Given the special nature of chemicals, J&K take responsibilities for the quality of unused products, which don’t mean the direct and indirect responsibilities of the products’ application. J&K reminds specially that Users should check the products’ quality in accordance with technical regulations before starting the experiment. After the products are used, Users take all the responsibilities for the application and results of the products.
6.6 Quality Qualification:If there’re doubts about the products’ quality, Users should inquire to J&K after receiving the small bottles of chemicals within thirty days after the receiving date; otherwise, which is considered as the Users have accepted the products’ quality. When ordering bulk package, in order to confirm the products’ quality, J&K can supply samples for free by negotiation in advance. Quality qualification after receiving the products: Users should send written notification to J&K and submit commodity inspection application to China Commodity Inspection Bureau simultaneously within ten days after receiving the products; Otherwise, J&K consider that Users have accepted the products; quality. If don’t receive any Users’ objections after applying for the commodity inspection in ten days, J&K consider that Users have accepted the products. In view of the stability and other complex features of chemicals, Users should keep the product origin package complete and sealed before the China Commodity Inspection Bureau make the sampling. Detection methods that commodity inspection uses should be the same as that of the supplier or an internationally recognized classical detection method. In addition to China Commodity Inspection Bureau, other agencies of the inspection report or certificate are not valid.
If the test results meet the quality standards stipulated in the contract, inspection fees are paid by Users. On the contrary, inspection fees are paid by J&K. If there are problems with the products proved by commodity inspection, the two sides should actively and frankly consultations claims matters. If there are disputes, Users should submit to arbitration application to China Commodity Inspection Bureau or Arbitration Agency where J&K is located.
6.7 Delivery Transport: Due to the specialty of chemicals, Users should arrange delivery receipt after products reach China within one month. If not, Users should take the responsibilities of the products’ stability. Users should check the packagings carefully when make the delivery or receipt of the products, and then Users are responsible for the safety of the products’ transport and storage. If Users entrust J&K to import the products, commit domestic mail or transport, J&K will package the products in accordance with the provisions of the post or transport sector, and then hand over the products to the carriage unit. Afterwards, due to damage caused by transport or handling, it is the responsibilities of carrier units. Users should check the products’ packing carefully when receive, if find there’s packaging damaged, you should be field-rejection (Please pre-warn the mail room staff!), and then requested delivery staff sign damaged goods records on the spot. Then Users should send the record to J&K immediately in order to negotiate a timely claim with the carrier unit. For the refrigerated and frozen products, J&K will be recommended by the supplier about the storage temperature which determines the mode of transport, due to inability to estimate the transport, receipt, acceptance and other sectors that need time accurately, who is responsible for notifying the user on the shipping day after delivery, who need to arrange the receipt of products in advance (please warn the mail room staff or collection people in advance to sign and keep the products stored at the required temperature immediately). For Users keep the products unfit that cause the quality problem of the products when don’t make the receipt in time or after make the receipt, J&K aren’t responsible for this. Users should sign the receipt in the shipping Box. If there’s shortage of products, Users should notify the J&K in ten days, otherwise, which is considered as that there’s no shortage.
6.8 Safety operation:In order to ensure the chemicals’ safety, Users must specify highly trained professional chemist to operate. The user should review the general MSDS internationally (Material Safety Data Sheet) before the operation, which can download from the supplier or ask for J&K. Users can make the operations only after getting well prepared. Users take all the responsibilities for the opening and using of chemicals safely and the chemicals reaction results.
6.9 Responsibility Range: The above terms show the responsibilities of buyers and sellers definitely. The two sides don’t take any direct and indirect responsibilities that aren’t mentioned in the contract. The term shows the responsibility range definitely, in case there’re accidents that happen unhopefully.

7. Service change, interruption or termination
7.1 As for system maintenance or update that need suspend network services, J&K will release notification in advance as far as possible.
7.2 In any event of the following circumstances, J&K reserves the right to suspend or terminate network services provided according to this Agreement without notifying the Users:
   (a) Information is unreal provided by Users;
   (b) Users violate the usage rules instituted by this Agreement.
7.3 In addition to the circumstances described in the preceding terms, J&K reserves the rights to interrupt or terminate some or all network services momentarily without notifying the Users in advance. For all the loss caused by the interruption or termination of network services, J&K needn’t to take any responsibilities for Users or any third party.
  7.4 Users who object to any proposals of service terms or modified services terms, or dissatisfied with the network services, have the recourses as below:
   (a) No longer use the network services provided by J&K;
   (b) The use rights are terminated, after J&K confirms the notification provide by Users, which notice to stop using J&K network services. From this time, J& K has no longer any obligation upon Users.

8. Liquidated compensation
The two sides agreed to protect and preserve each other's interests. If any party violates the relevant laws, regulations or any terms in this Agreement, the responsible party should take the responsibilities for the resulting.
9. Agreement modification
9.1 J&K may revise the terms of this Agreement from time to time, if there’re changes in terms, J&K will be prompted to the modified content of relevant page.
9.2 If you don’t agree with the changes that J&K make in the terms of the agreement, Users have the rights to stop the use of network services. If Users continue to use the network services, the activity will be considered as agree of the changes.

10. Legal Jurisdiction
10.1 This agreement’s formation, execution and interpretation and disputes’ settlement should comply with the laws of China.
10.2 If two sides have disputes on the content and execution of this Agreement, both sides should be settled through friendly consultations. If the negotiation is failed, either party can send proceedings to the People's Court where J&K is located.

11. Notification and Delivery
All the notifications about the Agreement can be sent by regular ways, such as important page announcement, e-mail or regular mail. The notice is deemed as delivered to the recipient on the date of dispatch.

12. Other Provisions
12.1 This agreement is constituted by the agreed items of the Agreement and other relevant matters related to the entire Agreement between the two sides, in addition to the provisions of this Agreement, who don’t have other rights authorized by the Agreement.
12.2 The network services terms comply with the national laws, including contradictive and disputative content in legal provisions. If any terms of service contrary to the law, the relevant terms should comply with national laws and need to conduct re-analysis. If any terms of this Agreement are completely or partially invalid or not enforceable for whatever reasons, the remaining terms of this Agreement shall remain in force and binding.
12.3 The modification and final interpretation are belonged to J&K.