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Azaindole is considered as a bioisostere of the indole, different from indole only by an additional nitrogen in the ring which alters the distribution of electron density caused by the interaction of the "π-electron-deficient" and "π-electron-excessive" rings involved in the fusion.

This structural feature of azaindoles broadens their applications in drug discovery and material sciences. Azaindole derivatives exhibit significant biological activities such as anti-angiogenic activities, anti-tumor activities, and antibacterial activities. 7-Azaindoles are of particular interest because of their ability to mimic purines in their role as hydrogen-bonding partners. Medicinal chemists often install the azaindole core into their drug designs and synthesis.

J&K provides novel, unique and cost-effective azaindole and derivatives, by which helps medicinal chemists put their innovative ideas into reality.

Product list

Cat. No.
3-Acetyl-7-azaindole, 97%
3-Amino-7-azaindole, 95%
4-Amino-7-azaindole, 97%
5-Amino-7-azaindole, 97%
5-Azaindole, 98%
7-Azaindole, 98%
7-Azaindole-4-boronic acid pinacol ester, 98%
7-Azaindole-5-boronic acid pinacol ester, 97%
7-Azaindole-3-carboxaldehyde, 97%
7-Azaindole-3-carboxylic acid, 97%
7-Azaindole-4-carboxylic acid, 98%
7-Azaindole-5-carboxylic acid, 98%
7-Azaindole N-oxide 3-chlorobenzoate, 95%
N-Boc-7-azaindole, 95%
N-Boc-7-azaindole-3-carboxaldehyde, 98%
N-Boc-3-[(dimethylamino)methyl]-7-azaindole, 97%
3-Bromo-7-azaindole, 97%
5-Bromo-7-azaindole, 97%
5-Bromo-7-azaindole-3-carboxylic acid, 98%
3-Bromo-4-chloro-7-azaindole, 98%
5-Bromo-2,3-dihydro-7-azaindole, 97%
5-Bromo-2,3-dihydro-7-azaindole-2-one, 97%
3-Chloro-7-azaindole, 97%
4-Chloro-7-azaindole, 97%
5-Chloro-7-azaindole, 95%
3-(4-Chloro-5-azaindole) methanol, 97%
4-Cyano-7-azaindole, 97%
5-Cyano-7-azaindole, 98%
2,3-Dihydro-7-azaindole, 97%
3-(Dimethylaminomethyl)-7-azaindole, 97%
Ethyl 6-cyano-4-azaindole-2-carboxylate, 95%
Ethyl 4-methoxy-7-azaindole-2-carboxylate, 99%
5-Fluoro-7-azaindole, 97%
4-Hydroxy-7-azaindole, 98%
5-Hydroxy-7-azaindole, 98%
3-Iodo-7-azaindole, 95%
2-Methyl-7-azaindole, 99%
4-Methoxy-7-azaindole, 98%
5-Methoxy-7-azaindole, 98%
4-Methoxy-7-azaindole-2-carbaldehyde, 97%
5-Methoxy-4-azaindole-2-carbaldehyde, 97%
5-Methoxy-6-azaindole-2-carbaldehyde, 97%
5-Methoxy-4-azaindole-2-carboxylic acid, 97%
2-(4-Methoxy -7-azaindole) methanol, 99%
2-(5-Methoxy -7-azaindole) methanol, 97%
4-Nitro-7-azaindole, 97%
3-Nitro-7-azaindole, 97%
5-Methoxy-2-vinyl-4-azaindole, 97%
4-Nitro-7-oxide-7-azaindole, 97%
7-Oxide-7-azaindole, 98%
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