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European academics recognize ESOC as the premier scientific event in organic chemistry. This biennial symposium is the largest of its kind and attracted more than 700 researchers from all over the world. The topics of ESOC 2013 were centered on New Synthetic Methods, Total Synthesis, Catalysis, Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry & Chemical Biology.
The conference provided an excellent opportunity for younger scientists to learn about future trends and perspectives in organic chemistry in a multidisciplinary environment. It also provided an excellent stage for J&K to showcase itself in the presence of chemists from around the world. This was the first public appearance of J&K in Europe as a leading manufacturer and provider of quality chemicals and related products. Among more than 20 exhibitors, J&K’s booth stood out and was among the most popular for symposium attendees. The brochures and fliers describing our main product series attracted the attention of more than 400 visitors who were very excited to discover a new company that could provide them with the high quality products they need at competitive prices. Some of them even wanted to place an order on the spot!  
J&K was the only Chinese company at the Symposium and was warmly welcomed by the European chemists who were impressed with J&K’s integrity and enthusiasm. ESOC 2013 is just one step along J&K’s journey to become a true world leader in the chemical industry. Guided by a clear mission, “To Accelerate Scientific and Industrial Development, Thereby Serving Humanity,” J&K plans to serve more and more European customers by offering the highest quality products, most convenient and unparalleled customer service.

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